Wednesday, July 7, 2010

poem & princess ariel

when i opened some of documents, i found it. maybe it's not perfect because i made it imperfectly, just tried . so im sorry if im wrong.

when we were still together

you said that you never leaved me alone

you wouldnt make me cry

you tried to understand all about me

We did all of the days with the best until the worst of the moment

but that was end
now, i didnt know where are you stayed

you're so different

maybe in your eyes im not special for you

but im not

you're the best person who gave me the meaning of love

as you know, i dont wanna leave without you

just alone

with your shadow in my eyes

sometimes, i thought it's like a bad dream

No,  it just a memory, Which couldn’t to forget as easy as threw a rubbish

i used to deceive my self secretly

but i couldnt preserve this feel

cause it's true love of mine

seinget gue, gue dulu bikin itu cuma 10 menitan wkwk, dan saat itu lg gapeduli grammar dsb huahha, jd mgkn byk slh. jg gambar nya asal asal doang woaakkka

dan ini gadipertunjukan ke siapa siapa loh, krn gue jg gatau buat siapa -__-

pesan: sikapin positif, single jg seru walaupun rada rada gmn.. gt ya, tp gpplah.

ok sekian, bye~

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